Siniwali – Double Stick

I’ve always loved double stick work. They are outstanding for building certain attributes. Coordination and hand speed especially but, many others as well. If you’ve never worked double weapons of any kind, I highly recommend it. Find a good Filipino Martial Arts Instructor or if nothing else get some instructional videos and a partner and try it out.

Here’s one of many empty hand application of siniwali drills.


Here’s a couple double stick fights from the last couple of years. We used to go a lot harder but, we all have way more responsibilities these days! We can still learn and grow without going full Dog Brothers on each other. Fighting with double weapons will bring your coordination and use of your off hand to a whole new level.




One thing that will really improve your skill with double weapons is working the off hand independently. In many of the siniwali coordination drills, the off hand (left for me) can simply follow the right hand in a symmetrical pattern. Working with the off hand alone really brings your coordination to another level. In any kind of fight but, more so in a fight involving a weapon (gun, knife or impact weapon) your weapon bearing limb may be injured. Knowing how to continue on with your off hand is crucial. I’ve always done a little work with my left and it payed off but, I really didn’t start to work it in earnest until I got my pointer finger broken on my right hand during a stick fight.



Train smart and train with both hands with all your weapons!

One mind, any weapon!

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