Results of my First 24 Day Challenge



I lost six and half pounds during my first 24 Day Challenge! Initially, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to lose 10 pounds. My buddy Brady pointed out to me how much 6.5 pounds of fat really is. Look how much five pounds is! Nasty. Plus, I had a few things going on during this challenge. My wife at the time blew up the engine in her vehicle. A used engine to replace it cost a fortune. Then my brother had a accident when his tire sheared off his truck while he was going 60 mph down the highway! Thank God he wasn’t hurt but, his truck was totaled. The problem was my brother was hauling the new engine I just payed for which, flew out onto the highway when his truck hit the wall. No excuses but, a hectic 24 days! If I can do it, you can do it.

I was also unable to exercise like I wanted to because of my hip mobility. Since the 24 day challenge ended I’ve had a few other things going on. I’m getting divorced, luckily not an ugly one. I had surgery on my hip which has helped significantly. My mobility has improved but, I have a lot of work to do to work all the little muscles that have been froze up for several years. I used Advocare’s joint supplements and omegas to help the joint.

Overall I enjoyed the 24 day challenge. I didn’t feel starved, the shakes tasted good and I brought some good dietary habits with me. I eat a lot more vegetables and thanks to Brady Stewart, I found a good variety of quick, easy, healthy food choices I wasn’t aware of before the challenge. I still use the shakes occasionally for a quick meal replacement and I still use Spark in place of coffee.

I highly recommend the 24 day challenge as a kick start to more energy, weight loss and better health. If you are interested in giving it a try go over to my distributor page at

Let me know if I can help.