Live Fire Handgun Retention


Can you keep you gun from being taken? If not, you probably shouldn’t have brought it!

Here’s a short video on using a knife for handgun retention. This video covers a specific knife, the Fox Karambit folding knife. It’s an excellent tool that is easy to open with your non-dominant hand. Plus, the company makes a trainer which is essential for safe practice. Several companies make folding knives with easy one hand opening mechanisms. I’ll put a few links to some of them below.

This technique can be modified and a adapted to a straight blade, fixed or folder. Remember that solid techniques and training in handgun retention is a fundamental that must be in place. Don’t rely on a blade or any weapon to replace skill and training! You are the weapon!

Make sure you train safe and build the technique into muscle memory with inert weapons, like the blue gun and training knife I use in the first part of the video. Once the technique is in place, get with a training partner and have them try to disarm you. Slowly build the level of resistance until you’re confident you can make it work. Go easy on your partner with the training knife! It can still cause injury. With practice you’ll get a feel for how to access the knife during the chaos and movement of a disarm attempt.

Before you ever try this live fire, make sure you get training from a qualified instructor!

The material in this video is covered in our Weapon’s Accessing Program. For more information on training in Weapon’s Accessing, go to—retention.html


You can check out my friend Deane Wagner’s training courses at


This is the link to the Fox Karambit used in the video. It’s the 599.


Here’s the Emerson Karambit. They also make a trainer.


Kershaw makes a folder that uses the emerson wave feature at a very reasonable price. The pocket clip can be moved to carry it on the left or right side and they make a trainer. I found a trainer on amazon for $25 bucks.


For fixed blades, the TDI knife is a good option. It’s grip angle is similar to a pistol for those gun guys out there. A simple, powerful punching technique, that’s familiar to most people, can be used. They no longer make a trainer but, Deane Wagner makes them. See his contact info above.

TDI trainer and live bladeTDI trainer and live blade sheathed

If you’re interested in seeing a video on a straight blade or the TDI knife, let me know. If you have an suggestions for improvement, please let me know. We all have to keep and open mind and keep growing. Thanks!

For more information on the Weapon’s Accessing Program, go to—retention.html