Leverage and The Advocare 24 Day Challenge

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”


Tomorrow morning I’m starting my first Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I’ve lost focus on maintaining my health for several years now. A few months ago, it finally got to the point that the physical pain and lack of function in my hip has caused me to take action. I can barely put my sock on my left foot and my hip aches constantly. The physical therapist, after several months of therapy, told me I needed to see a specialist because, the exercises and stretches were not working. The first surgeon said I had arthritis and all they could do was a hip replacement. The second surgeon was much more helpful. He identified bone spurs in the joint. We are going to try a cortisone shot in the hip joint which could buy me six months or so, without pain. There are also, as a last resort, surgical options to clean up the spurs. I don’t believe I can magically heal my hip but, I do believe the human body has far more potential to heal it’s self than we know. I hope with weight loss and better nutrition through Advocare and healthy diet, along with regular stretching, strengthening and traction, I can improve the function and avoid surgery.

I know I need to get every bit of leverage over myself I possibly can. To start, I invested money into the Advocare products that I don’t want to go to waste. I bought a distributor kit to sell Advocare so, if I want to be successful with it, I have to follow the program to a tee and show that it can produce results. I’m letting my friends and family know I’m doing this and I’m posting it here. It would be pretty hard to give up and explain to everyone I didn’t have the discipline to follow through! To succeed would mean I could potentially heal my hip and avoid surgery and pain. Plus I would be able to get back to training martial arts at a higher level. I could be on my feet all day teaching class without aching. It could mean financial success with the advancement of my Advocare and training business. Most importantly succeeding here would mean more energy to invest in my family and business. If I fail, it would mean continued physical pain and dysfunction and a physically and financially painful surgery in the future. It would also mean I wasted my investment in time and money. Failure means I would have less energy to spend doing things I love.

One of the most important tools I have to succeed and one of the reasons I chose Advocare is the human support that comes with it. Brady Stewart, a fellow martial artist and firearms instructor and my sponsor in Advocare, is investing his time and energy into walking me through every step of the process. I can’t let him down after all the time and energy he has invested in my success. And I just got started!

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress but, more importantly, how can this information help you? Remember a belief is simply a feeling of certainty about what something will mean to you. Get clear about what making positive changes in your life would mean to you. Also, what would not making those changes mean? If you keep on the path you are going, where will it lead? Write it down. Use the information above as a guide to get leverage on yourself. What is leverage? Look into the future and think of all the pleasure changing will bring. Then look ahead to all the painful consequences not changing could bring. Who do you respect you could tell about your goals that you would then feel obligated to achieve? Think about it. Be creative. Get resourceful. Get leverage and get it done!