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Airsoft Guns: A Practical Self Defense Training Tool

Are airsoft guns just toys? Some think so. I’ve had experienced instructors tell me if they see a shooting program that uses airsoft they know they are not a serious program. I disagree 100%. Airsoft has so many uses but, the most profound is the ability for the gun fighter to deal with a resisting

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Glock 43: Review and Suggested Upgrades

This review of the Glock 43 and the suggested upgrades are from someone who has carried the G43 for over a year and has fired a minimum of 50 rounds per week through it during that time. I have Nick modify my stock Glock 43 based on his suggestions and I’ve been nothing but, happy

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Knife Fighting: Countering the Grab

In this video we look at a practical aspect of knife fighting, counter an opponents grab of your weapon bearing limb. We want to be able to quickly release a weapon arm grab when using a knife for self defense. It’s particularly important when facing multiple opponents. Of course, you have to be justified anytime

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Knife vs Gun: Active Shooter!

In this video on knife vs gun, we look at using your tactical folding knife in an active shooter situation. If you can’t get away or barricade yourself, you are going to have to hide and hope for the best or fight back. You might as well fight intelligently. Stay bladed!