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071019-N-6552M-190 CAMPO, Calif. (Oct. 19, 2007) - SEAL trainees scan the room for possible threats as part of a SEAL qualification training exercise. Students spend two weeks learning the basics of securing a room from possible threats. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher Menzie (RELEASED)

You’ll learn how to be a ranger seal ninja that can shoot while repelling upside down out of a helicopter! Well…not really. Not here. Warrior Focus is about teaching responsible adults the skills they needs to protect their loved ones. You’ll learn solid fundamentals in all ranges of combat, with and without weapons. We believe regular people, who are not super athletes, who have responsibilities and limited time, can and should be able to defend themselves and others. Knowing how to access and use practical, readily available weapons is a critical and under-trained component of dealing with real world violence!




We specialize in the interface between weapons and empty hands. Weapons accessing and retention are critical to the average Joe, who wants to protect themselves and their family. There’s always someone younger, faster, or stronger. You could be sucker punched first or up against multiple opponents. Knowing how to access and use a weapon is an essential if you want to be able to protect yourself from criminal violence.



Retention to move n shoot for YouTube(1)Weapons, particularly firearms, are a reality of our modern world and they are an equalizer we must at least be familiar with to survive violence. For those of you with no experience with firearms, you will learn the fundamentals and gain an appreciation of how effective firearms can be. For you shooters out there, we have a variety of techniques and training methods to take you to the next level.




IMG_7028You can’t always carry a weapon and even if you could, you still have to have the empty hand skills to fight until you can access it. We’ve got you covered. You’ll learn simple, practical, devastating techniques the average person, who has a full time job and very little time, can learn, retain and apply very quickly. You’ll learn empty hand methods to deal with firearms, knives and other weapons which, will also improve your skills with in retaining your own weapon.







IMG_8851If you are in the Military or Law Enforcement, you came to the right place. We have trained law enforcement agencies from all over the world and we’ve had the privilege of training our military. The skills you will learn here apply directly to your job and your survival. You owe it to yourself, your family and the public, to continue to learn and maintain your skills.


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